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Online AA Meetings and Drug & Alcohol Support Groups

online aa meetings and drug & alcohol support groups

Lionrock hosts online zoom AA and alternative support group meetings.

More than a recovery program, I felt like I became part of a family.

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More than a recovery program, I felt like I became part of a family.

recovery support group zoom meetings & workshops

There is a long tradition of hospitals and institutions opening their doors to support groups, providing space for their meetings. Substance Use Disorder treatment centers often do the same. At Lionrock, we’re contributing to this time-honored tradition. We host both 12 step meetings and alternative format meetings.

One alternative we host is Lionrock’s meeting format called Community. We have deep respect for the 12 step traditions - many of us at Lionrock work a 12 step program - and we’ve worked to create something different. Our goal is to create a unique peer-support environment that works both for people already in recovery and those who are new to it. We hope it can be either an addition to something you already do, or an alternative to what’s out there.

Community & 12 Step Inspired

In Community meetings, we invite all people in the pursuit of peace in mind and body to find hope and healing through connections with each other in this Lionrock-exclusive meeting format. This open-minded meeting approach encompasses the many paths to recovery. We also have a selection of 12 step inspired meetings in which the Lionrock team has built upon the 12 step recovery traditions to create a unique brand of peer-support offerings. Everyone is welcome!

Traditional 12 Step

For those looking for a more traditional 12 step meeting format, join us in our NA and AA meetings. The 12 step tradition meetings we host are not affiliated with Lionrock and they are true to their own group’s traditions. We host at least meeting of this variety every day of the week free of charge.

To see the line-up of 12 step meetings, click here.

online meetings & workshops

Lionrock hosts more than 35 online AA and alternative support group meetings, below are some available meetings and groups to check out. A full list is available at Lionrock Life.

If you need an attendance slip, click here.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – FREE

    Open discussion AA meeting. Everyone is welcome!

    Learn more
  • Community

    We invite all people in the pursuit of peace in mind and body to find hope and healing through connections with each other. This open-minded meeting approach encompasses the many paths to recovery. Everyone is welcome!

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  • LGBTQIA2+ Community Support Group

    We welcome all people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, 2 spirited + community. Join our family, as we connect, share and recover.

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  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) – FREE

    Open discussion NA meeting. Everyone is welcome!

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  • Recovery Fellowship

    This is an open fellowship gathering space where people can share their experience, strength and hope with each other and help others to achieve sobriety through the discussion of recovery related topics including the 12 Steps.

    Learn more
  • Sober Sisters: A Women-Only Recovery Support Group

    Sorry guys, this is a closed meeting for women only! All participants must have video webcams on during the meeting.

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  • Recovery Dharma Meeting

    The Recovery Dharma meeting uses Buddhist philosophies in a non-theistic way to heal the suffering of addiction. Meetings use meditation, self-inquiry, compassion, and sharing to achieve and maintain recovery.

    • Recovery Dharma meetings are inspired by Buddhist philosophies, not Buddhist religion, to find freedom from the suffering of addiction of all kinds.

    • Anyone can walk this alternative path using mindfulness and empowerment and combine the tools with other programs for lasting recovery.

    • Buddhist inspired, not Buddhism required™.

    • “Sitting Group” style meeting

    Learn more
  • Morning Meditation

    Meditation eases the body and calms the mind by bringing us into the present moment. Here you will be guided in various forms of meditation as well as breathwork to help reduce stress and bring more peace to your life. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned meditator, join us in this transformational practice. Everyone is welcome!

    Learn more
  • Understanding Spirituality

    Spirituality can be a difficult topic for many people. Your workshop facilitator breaks down the issues and barriers, and shares practical solutions.

    Learn more
  • Nurses ONLY AA – FREE

    The AA 12-Step Recovery for Nurses is a fellowship meeting where ALL nurses are welcome.

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  • Nurses ONLY NA – FREE

    The NA 12-Step Recovery for Nurses is a fellowship meeting where ALL nurses are welcome.

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  • Nutrition for Recovery

    Join us as we explore the connection between nutrition and recovery. Chef and Certified Addiction Nutritionist and Therapist, Victoria Abel, will teach you how healthy eating in recovery can be made simple. Each week we’ll discuss nutrition topics related to everyday foods and offer tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Conscious Parenting in Recovery

    Being a parent in recovery comes with its own set of unique, shared experiences, better understood by other parents and caregivers. Join us as we share our difficulties, areas of growth and the joys of parenting while continuing on our own journey in recovery. We will discuss issues experienced with our own parents and those other complicated relationships, the patterns we have learned based on those who have modeled parenting to us (well or not well), ways to address our emotions, our own parenting styles, learned behaviors and coping mechanisms, reactive thinking, patience and acceptance just to name a few. We approach all topics with an open mind, and remain judgement free. Topics may be revealing at times but this is a place where everyone is welcome!

    Learn more
  • Midweek Mindfulness

    This meeting is open to anyone, whether they are in recovery or not. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the here and now. Learn techniques to calm the body, decrease stress and increase awareness and neutrality. In each session, you'll be taught a breathing exercise, meditation and sensory exercise to enhance your recovery and peace of mind. All are welcome!

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