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Private Help for Professionals with Drug and Alcohol Problems

private help for professionals with drug and alcohol problems

There’s an old saying: “The cure is worse than the disease.”

At Lionrock, we speak to people every day who need help, but aren’t willing to get it at an outpatient or residential care facility.

The reason? “People will find out.” They believe that the cure is worse than the disease - because the cure isn’t private enough.

This dilemma is particularly true for many professionals - doctors, nurses, lawyers, first responders, teachers, pilots, and government officials. With their licenses on the line, they often freeze, hoping the problem will go away. But substance use disorders are progressive, and while people wait to take action, their problems only get worse.

At some point, there is an incident - at work, on the road, or at home - often involving legal, and then, licensure authorities. With the problem out in the open, the cure may no longer feel worse than the disease. But that’s because everything feels a lot worse.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Getting help from the privacy of home means no one else needs to know. When professionals can get the privacy they need, waiting to get help no longer makes sense.

At Lionrock, we’re as professional as you are. We offer Joint Commission-accredited, evidence-based, substance use disorder treatment by secure video conference and mobile app. We’re HIPAA-compliant from end to end. Our best practices addiction treatment follows the American Society of Addiction Medicine protocols for outpatient care. Our caring counselors are experienced and credentialed. And you can access this care from the privacy of home.

Don’t wait. Contact us now. Learn more from our caring admissions counselors about the most private way to get help with drinking and drug problems. We accept most private insurance, and offer affordable private pay packages.

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