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How To Join Our Online Meetings

how to join our online meetings

Joining Our Online Meetings

Step 1

To access meetings on your phone or tablet: you must first download the Zoom app from your app store (Play Store or App Store). If you are accessing meetings from your computer, simply click on the meeting link (see below) and Zoom will download what it needs automatically. You do not need to create a Zoom account to access meetings.

Step 2

Visit the schedule to choose the meeting you wish you join. Click here to see the schedule

Make sure to take your time zone into account! Meeting times are listed in all four U.S. time zones.

Step 3

When it’s time for your meeting to start, return to the schedule page (click here) and find your meeting. Then click below the meeting listing, where it says “CLICK HERE to join…”

Plug in some headphones/earbuds and once the meeting has started, mute yourself while other people are speaking by clicking once on the microphone icon is the lower left corner of your screen.

To Get An Attendance Slip

  1. At the end of the meeting, the people who have stayed the entire time will receive a 4 digit code from the Secretary.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Need A Meeting Attendance Slip? Here’s How” and follow the instructions. You will click on the words “Click Here” and then fill out the form. Make sure to put the 4 digit code into the form along with your email address, date of the meeting and your name. The 4 digit code is unique to the meeting, and we at Lionrock don’t know those codes as the meetings are run by AA volunteers.

  3. Once you see the red arrow at the bottom, and sign the form, you can download the attendance confirmation to your email. You can then save the email, forward it to someone or print it out.

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